EH Dachshund and DOGUE UK help raise funds for Phoenix re-homing

It has been a difficult time for charities, dogs and their owner who love to socialise during the lock down period. Finding ways to keep in touch with our doggie friends and spread some love and support is important to us here at DOGUE UK.

And what could be more fun than an online dog show to show some love for our dogs and raise funds for charity. Therefore, when asked if we could team up with Larissa and her East Hants Dachshund Facebook Group, we were delighted to accept.

DOGUE UK sponsored the Happiest Dog category submitted by video, we had great joy in judging all of the beautiful, happy dogs with very wiggly bottoms! It is safe to say we loved them all and it was not easy to pick our winners.

We selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and each winner received a voucher for DOGUE products.

We also gave a set of our Pony Hair collection products to the Best in Show winner Betty.

Statement from Betty’s Owner -

“We are really excited that Betty won Best in show and Best Puppy in the online dog show. It was lovely to have a distraction in what has been quite a stressful time. Larissa did a great job organising the dog show as she does with all the other events. Betty is very excited to receive all the wonderful prizes which were generously donated by all the sponsors.” - Rachel Hibbert

Betty proudly showing off her Best in Show DOGUE prize and rosette.

East Hants Dachshund (EHD) are a Facebook group run by Larissa, who is a true dog lover! Larissa organises group events, monthly walks, and activities for dogs and their owners.

EHD raised £330.00 for Phoenix Rehoming from the online dog show.

“I was so impressed with how much we managed to raise with minimal effort. I wasn’t sure how the dog show would go down in the group. I had never done one before so didn’t know what the demand would be like. However once people got word of it the entries started to flood in. I only had a goal of £100 but we soon exceeded that and kept on going. I love how generous and supportive the group is no matter what is going on. Animals have a strong place in all of our hearts, and I know everyone will try to help out in any way if they can when it comes to an animal charity. I cannot thank our wonderful sponsors enough either. They really helped shape the show and the prizes were so generous this definitely helped us draw more entries. I’m sure I’m not the only desperate to get out on group walks again and see each other soon at least this way we got to share something together whilst in lockdown!” - Larissa Carey

Phoenix Rehoming

Phoenix rehoming began in 2016 and became a registered charity in 2017. They help dogs regardless of breed, age, colour or disability and to date have rehomed more than 440 dogs.

They have foster homes all across England and Wales and are always looking for new volunteers to join the Phoenix Family.

Mission Statement and Values:

Every dog deserves a home and every home deserves a dog.

It exists:

· To rescue & rehome any dog, for any reason, from anywhere.

· To relieve the suffering of dogs in need of care & attention. To provide and maintain rescues homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such animals

· To promote humane behaviour towards dogs by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment, and security for dogs in need, for reasons of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill-usage.

· To educate the public in matters of dog welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering towards dogs.

They promise:

· Every Phoenix Dog will receive the highest standard of care and welfare.

· Their dogs will find loving homes which are appropriate for their need’s thorough assessment of the suitability of fosterers and adopters.

· Every Phoenix dog will be vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for internal and external parasites.

· No Phoenix dog will be euthanised unless that it is the only humane option and/or there is serious risk to public safety.

· They support their fosterers and adopters so they can be assured that the best help and advice is always available for them.

Phone: 07400 659273 or 07496 798555


Phoenix Rehoming, 36 Oakshott Drive, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 5SN

Registered Charity: 1175478

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