Dogue and the Dobermanns

Crufts 2020 is approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! Last year, we were lucky to support the Lincs Dobermann Rescue Charity and this year is no different!

Last year, we sponsored Rescue Dobermann, Leia, who strutted her stuff in the Safe and Sound Demo at Crufts. We were so proud to see such a beautiful dog getting a second chance and wearing our Dogue Collar and Lead and our support helped them to raise £200!

Here is the beautiful Leia:

From the beginning Leia showed that she was a total sweetheart despite her traumatic past, unfortunately, Leia had a Sarcoma on her left flank in September 2018 which meant she had to go through aggressive surgery to remove it and in the process, they used her tail to graft onto the wound site. Thankfully she made a full recovery and is back to her bouncy, loving self, but she now has a new nickname – Patchwork Stumpybum!

This year, we are working with Lincs again! We are providing a Dogue Man Collar and Lead and also a Canvas Stripe Collar and Lead for them to sell to raise money to support these beautiful pups. Look out for Lincs Dobermann Rescue at Crufts this year, they will be there with Trooper, a 5-month-old Tripaw, who lost his 4th paw through neglect and ignorance and then beautiful Leia will be in the Safe and Sound Demo again in hall 3 at 13.25 and 16.20!

If you are heading to Crufts, check these lovely pups out! Also, we would love to see you, we are in Hall 1, stand 4 (on the walkway towards status in Hall 2!).

If you haven’t got your tickets to Crufts yet, you can get tickets here.

Here is gorgeous Trooper:

A bit about the charity

The Lincs Dobermann Rescue, was originally the Lincs Dobermann Club which was a forum for Dobie owners to meet and chat, but that soon changed when they were asked to help rescue and rehome Dobermanns, and thus, the Lincs Doberman Rescue Charity was born. Although Lincs is in the name, they have rescued Dobies from Aberdeen to Torquay!

Being a non-profit organisation, they totally rely on the generosity of their members and any money they raise through fundraising events. It costs around £600 to enable a safe rehoming journey, however, this doesn’t include any additional costs from health issues, etc, so every penny really counts.

These funds are spent on ensuring that all the dogs that we take into rescue are given a safe and secure environment and full veterinary support before rehoming. Up to now, they have never had to use off-site kennels, all Dobies are given the best opportunity for their future by living with the Rescue founders in “Dobie Dens” in a home environment.

They will often collect a dog, completely traumatised by the life they have had – the rescue believes it's our job to give back to the dog confidence in the human race who have sadly let him/her down. They offer support to the adopter and dog to avoid them returning to the rescue!

If you would like to support the Lincs Dobermann Rescue, visit their website here.

Not just a Dobermann Rescue

Although they are breed specific, they are sometimes asked to support animals in need which may fall by the wayside without our assistance. The Lincs Dobermann Rescue have successfully found a safe home for a pony called Max who was sadly about to be sent for slaughter as the owners were relocating and had no further use for him. Max now has a happy and safe life up in Yorkshire with a lovely family who loves him to bits.

They have cared for a Norfolk Terrier who had been a breeding bitch in a puppy farm all her life. She was forced to wear a "bark" collar to keep her quiet in her cage and had no idea she had a little voice. She is now called Holly and lives an amazing life with her adopters in Barnsley going away every weekend with them to a holiday home by the sea.

Lincs have also successfully rehomed a Saluki x Dobie into a life of luxury in Cheshire - this little girl has really landed on 4 paws and lives with a lovely family and their 4 children enjoying the life she surely deserves. Her name is Zulu, aka Zulunatic. Also, they have rehomed a Border Collie x Dobie, Xena, who lives with a lovely family in Goole and Jax, their resident Whippet.

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