Which Dog Collar or Dog Harness is best?... Decisions Decisions...

DOGUE Design UK offer the fashion-conscious pet owner a range of unique and stylish Harnesses & Collars of the highest quality. Our range is unique and many products are not seen on the high street.

Our focus remains on what makes our furry friends look their best, whilst strutting their stuff on the dog walk! Dog Collars and Dog Harnesses come in many styles and designs and it’s hard to know which is best and for the type of occasion, so here is some useful information for you to consider before buying.

DOGUE Harnesses: what type are they and why to choose it?

DOGUE offer a Back Clip designed Harness, which is typically the easiest Harness for dogs to get used too. The lead is clipped into the back D-ring so the lead is less likely to get caught around your dogs legs, with distributed pressure around the chest rather than the neck with a Collar.

Back clip Harnesses reduce the risk of injury and are less restrictive for some breeds such a Pugs and French Bulldogs, as these breeds are more prone to respiratory problems and trachea collapse. These are also ideal for puppy training and small breeds with fragile necks as it gives them the support they need without being restricted.

DOGUE Harnesses are stylish and durable as they are made from strong padded canvas which means sagging of the material will not occur with wear. They are super comfortable with soft edging, rust proof D-ring, durable plastic clips and are available in 3 sizes with adjustable chest strap. The neck size is not adjustable as this gives stability and support.

Please note that a Dog Harness should not be worn all day or when wet, this can irritate your dog’s skin. Therefore, if it’s a day out at the beach you may want to opt for a canvas Collar. These can be washed after use and dry quickly for the next day’s exercise!

Fitting a Harness

Your dog needs to be supported but also comfortable in their Harness. It is important not to scare your dog as some pooch’s don’t like things being place over their heads. Therefore, we advise to practice this several times daily, with treats and praise, never force your dog if they are not happy . DOGUE Design Harnesses don’t have an adjustable neck, this is for safety. Therefore, do measure you dogs’ neck for the correct sizing -please refer to the chart below for measurement points and guidance.

DOGUE DESIGN TOP TIP: The Harness should fit snuggly but not too tight, your dog should not be able to back out of the Harness but you should be able to get two fingers between the Harness and your dog.

DOGUE Collars: what type and which to choose?

DOGUE Collars are designed for style and comfort, if fitted properly they should not restrict your dog’s neck. Collars are essential for dog control and for your dog’s ID tag, in case they ever get lost!

There’s no rule to say your dog can’t wear both, harness for control and a collar for identification. DOGUE designs mix and match and are great for this.

DOGUE Canvas Collars are stylish featuring 3 designs that can be teamed up with the matching canvas leads. They are made from durable washable canvas, feature rust proof D-ring hardware and strong plastic clips. A canvas Collar is ideal for the dogs who like water as these can get wet and also dry quickly. The Collar designs also match the Dog Harnesses so can be teamed up and worn with your dog’s ID tag. There are 3 sizes which are all adjustable to suit your canine friend, a size chart is below for guidance.

DOGUE DESIGN TOP TIP: The dogs control act states a dog in a public place should wear a name tag with the owner’s name and address including postcode, its optional to put a phone number on it but its highly advisable so people can contact you if your dog gets lost.

DOGUE Leather Collars are designed with style and practicality in mind, they are soft and suit all types and sizes of dogs. Ideal for the dog who doesn’t like water or swimming, its advisable not to get these wet. All our leather Collars are made with rust proof fixings, premium leather and are hand stitched for a superior quality finish. DOGUE man and Animal Print collections have engravable tags included. The Glamour and Studded leather Collars feature riveted crystals and studs, we have invested in top quality rivets to ensure these do not fall off and create a hazard for your pooch!

DOGUE size guides for all our collections are featured on the individual product pages.

Do you want a Matching Dog Lead?

DOGUE Collars and Harnesses have a matching leads, so whichever you choose you can ‘complete the look’ making your beloved ball of fluff, the smartest in the park! Check out some of the DOGUE family below.

Above from left to right:

Brad is watching the birds in his Dogue Man Black Leather Collar

Chop has his eye on those squirrels! Wearing Blue Stripe Canvas Collar

Banjo in full floral collection Dogue Blue & Yellow Floral Collar, Lead and Harness

Above from left to right:

Joy chilling in her favourite spot in the Blue Sugar Skull Canvas Harness

Truffles ready for her walk! In the Pink Plane Jane Leather Collar and Lead

Massie Strutting her stuff in the Red & Pink Floral Canvas Harness and Lead

If you are interested in a particular range please feel free to click on one of our fabulous friends above to view more about the range.

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